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Premium Embrocation & Muscle Rub (Hot)


100% Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, and Free Trade
Proprietary Water Soluble & Bio-available Technology
Available in 2 sizes

The most potent CBD Muscle Rubs available anywhere
400 mg CBD / 25 mg CBG per oz. (4 to 8 times others on the market)
Zero Traces of THC & zero weed odor (smells great on like a spicy Chai Tea)
Fully legal in all 50 states & will not show up on any drug test
Base of Organic, Free Trade Shea Butter (Already amazing for your skin)
Loaded with Organic Essential Oils for heating effect & healing compounds
Heating effect is mild unless you are working out and sweating then it
becomes very intense, numbs you out so you can push harder, for longer
Cannabis Terpenes added for The Entourage Effect
Perfect for during sports use ‰ÛÒ Cyclists, Runners, Gym Rats, Swimmers,
Tennis Players, Soccer Players, and anyone else seeking relief from pain

Heated muscle rubs are unrivaled in effectiveness. We use more CBD/CBG than any other companyBY FAR! 400 mg of CBD per ounce! We start our muscle rubs with a heaping serving of Organic & Raw Shea Butter. We add in plenty Organic Pure Essential oils for heat, healing, and aroma. We top it off with the highest amount of pure Activated Hemp Extract available on the market.
Zero THC, and Zero weed smell found here! We also add in cannabis Terpenes to give the entourage effect and help your body interpret the medicine correctly, but with no weed smell at all. The heated version is highly effective during workouts. The heating effect is mellow if your body is calm, but becomes quite intense once you start sweating and it absorbs into your pores. Perfect for Cyclists, Runners, Gym Rats, Swimmers, and anyone else desiring to perform longer & better in sport and life. UltraLifeSport Hot Muscle Rubs are amazing when rubbed in vigorously. We highly suggest washing your hands very well with hot soap and water after application. Do not apply near eyes, face, or any other mucosa. ie. don‰Ûªt touch your ballsunless you are into that sort of thing. As with all of our products, the hot muscle rubs are 100% free of THC, are safe and legal for use in all 50 states, and will not show up on any drug tests. Our packaging is also made from 100% (PCR) Post-Consumer Recycled material, and are also 100% recyclable as well because we love the environment as much as we love you!