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Premium Embrocation & Muscle Rub (Cooling)


100% Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, and Free Trade
Proprietary Water Soluble & Bio-available Technology
Available in 2 sizes

The most potent CBD Muscle Rubs available anywhere
400 mg CBD / 25 mg CBG per oz. (4 to 8 times others on the market)
Zero Traces of THC & zero weed odor (smells like peppermint and citrus)
Fully legal in all 50 states & will not show up on any drug test
Base of Organic Shea Butter (Already amazing for your skin)
Loaded with Organic Essential Oils for cooling effect & healing compounds
Cooling effect is nice and subtle, not overwhelming
Cannabis Terpenes added for The Entourage Effect
Perfect for post workout recovery or general muscle soreness, take some to your Massage Therapist and ask them to use it on you. You can thank us later

Our cooled muscle rubs start the same way as the heated version. Loaded in CBD / CBG for maximum effectiveness but with Zero THC, and Zero Weed smell! Quite a few Sports Massage Therapists have been using our cooled version as their primary massage oil. The mild cooling effect is very soothing and works amazingly for post workout soreness, or just to wear anytime you are having acute joint or muscle pain / stiffness and are seeking relief.

Perfect for Cyclists, Runners, Gym Rats, Swimmers, and anyone else desiring to perform longer & better in sport & life. Rest is the key to quicker recovery times and better bodily output and function. This product has been shown to speed up recovery times significantly, getting you back out there living your Ultralife to the fullest. UltraLifeSport Cool Muscle Rubs are amazing when rubbed in vigorously. Do not apply near eyes. As with all of our products, the Cool Muscle Rubs are 100% free of THC, are 100% Organic, are safe and legal for use in all 50 states, and will not show up on any drug tests. Our Packaging is also made from 100% (PCR) Post-Consumer Recycled material, and are also 100% recyclable as well because we love the environment as much as we love you!