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CBD Face Mask



We chose a dry mask so you can get the full use of the product and make it last. Each jar contains 10-15 masks.

Measure tbsp. of dry mask, tbsp. of water and few drops of oil (we recommend almond, jojoba, or prickly pear oil). Adding oil will give you a deeper hydration.
Mix together creating a creamy consistency.
Apply with a facial mask brush and leave on for 15-20 minutes.
Use a warm, wet wash cloth to remove the mask or simply wash off with warm water.
Use 1-2 times weekly to keep skin healthy and glowing.
Ingredients: Pure Bentonite Clay, Organic Matcha Powder, Pure Activated Charcoal, ISO Accredited and Tested CBD, Tea Tree and Frankincense Essential Oils.

100mg of CBD

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